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Tu je forum, kjer lahko mirne volje debatirate po slovensko. O glasbi seveda. :-)
227 years 26 weeks ago
If you need help with anything related to this site, you can get it here.
695 years 31 weeks ago
by OmegaXElizabeth
Forum for discussion about general music production. Here you cak talk about recorders, mixers, sequencers, DJing, songwriting, music theory or anything other production related.
Container for music talk forums like: dance and house, drum 'n' bass, hard rock and punk, rap and hip-hop, rock and pop, techno and trance, ..
Forum for discussion about dance / house music and genres like: club, disco, euro dance, acid house, deep house, garage hard house, progressive house, tribal house, vocal house, microhouse, ..
Forum for discussion about dnb music and genres like: atmospheric/ambient, drum 'n' bass, darkstep, hardstep/jump-up, jungle, ragga jungle, tech step, liquid funk, neurofunk, intelligent drum and bass, drumfunk, ..
Forum for discussion about hard rock / punk music and genres like: metalcore, heavy metal, punk, black metal, death metal, doom metal, epic metal, grind-core, heavy metal, speed metal, thrash metal, ..
Forum for discussion about rap / hip-hop music and genres like: hardcore, gangsta, old school, ..
Forum for discussion about rock & roll music and genres like: rock, pop, electronic/industrial, alternative, ska, ..
Forum for discussion about techno / trance music and genres like: acid techno, ambient techno, acid trance, goa/psytrance, hard trance, melodic trance, progressive trance, ..
Forum for discussion about all other music genre. If there is enough interest for one particular genre, it will get it's own forum.
This is a forum for discussing creative commons licence, it's derivates and free art lincense.
3148 years 13 weeks ago
by zombo09 (not verified)