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Fuck this place!

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How to listen to our radio streams?

Maybe it just works?
Try by clickinging on

located to your left. A new window will open with web player which will start playing music.

Along with web player we also provide radio stream, which will play in your favorite music player. You can download playlist for it here.
File/playlist should be auto-magically opened in your favorite music player, if not, run (doube click it) from whatever location you saved it to (Desktop?).

Still doesn't work?
Here is a list of radio players that our radio streams work perfectly with.

VLC - recommended.

Foobar200, Windows media player, Winamp, iTunes, Zinf, Mplayer, ..

iTunes, Mplayer, ..

XMMS, Zinf, Mplayer, ..

There are many others not listed here. I know that users of other platforms are competent enough to find them. :-)

It doesn't work even in VLC?
Please make sure that you are not behind a firewall and if you are please arrange access to over TCP protocol and port 8000, where we provide our radio streams.