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Not just "Creative commons attribution" or "Art libre" music

I´m sorry to see that a lot of the music you can hear on this site is not "Creative commons attribution" or "Art libre" music at all.

You should care a bit more about that...

I don't see what the fuss is

I don't see what the fuss is about jack forex training play craps play roulette play bingo

I disagree. There might be

I disagree. There might be one or two but no more.
If there are some which aren't let me know and it will be removed.

Just do a quick google

Just do a quick google search on the here hosted songs and you will find that it is quid hart to find the song licensed under "Creative commons attribution" or "Art libre" as you say..

Just give it a try it is not hard to do...

Maybe you should offer for example more different Creative commons license types on your site…

I´m not saying that it is here all illegal stuff but the most applied licenses seem not to be right here on your site…

I see what you mean.

I see what you mean. Variations of cc.
We gonna implement those then.

maybe it would be also a

maybe it would be also a good idea if you would implement a function where you can see from where the songs where downloaded originally... It just makes it more transparent und most of all it helps the musicians how give a way there music for free... think about it...

It's totally unnecessary. It

It's totally unnecessary. It would benefit only owners from other web pages. User's who are genuinely interested in artists will/should go thru google to (probably) artist's web sites, not some other web page which hosts the files as we do.

Furthermore I just checked

Furthermore I just checked last couple of songs, which were here for some time and they are creative commons ATTRIBUTION. Just use google.

Ok... what do you mean with

Ok... what do you mean with "creative commons ATTRIBUTION" al all?

To you want to say that all the songs are under:

NO - they are not... So be more clear about it.

In all creative commons you can read:
"For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work."

You as a host have to care about the exact terms of the license...

And if not the musicians him self put the songs on your site, the person who does it, should at least say form what kind of location he go the song... Why not? There is nothing wrong with that… don’t be afraid… your site will be great than…

Seems you have a problem

Seems you have a problem writing as well as understanding basic english.
I have already written that we will implement all variations of creative commons license, not excluding attribution, according to cc license(s) specification.
Furthermore in my previous post I have not claimed ALL of songs hosted here are licensed under cc attribution. That would be even in contradiction with my other statement, that we need to implement variations of cc licenses. I guess you have not understood the fact, that simple google search for LAST (see what last means: songs, shows they are licensed under attribution variation of creative commons license, which only goes to show, that you need to practice your english.. don't be afraid, it might become great one day. :-)

yeah i agree, it's important

yeah i agree, it's important to not excluding attribution when discussing such matters. it's quite a fine line when it come to this topics. as a dj in phoenix i deal with licensing issues all the time so it's good to have a place that knows its stuff.