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Something To Rely On
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Sunday, Lovely Sunday
Relaxation Spa Treatment

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Radio.isg.si enters BETA testing stage

Free streaming radio and host of creative commons and art libre licensed music - radio.isg.si has just entered BETA testing stage.
This means we are open to public now!
We will continue to develop new advanced features for you, which might show up as interference in our services.

Se here more about what BETA software is:

At one point you had it so

At one point you had it so you could listen to each song in a genre of music without having to click on the song it's self. It was nice and fast for previewing each song, like it is with the audio.isg site. That's my two cents.

I agree, we should make it

I agree, we should make it as on audio. :-)

Cool this is nice. The way

Cool this is nice. The way you have it set up is very convenient. I like the control of fast forwarding through the song if I choose.

If it makes any difference this is atomsk from audio.isg.